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Two features and a radio interview ... testimonial from Anthea Cahill aka the chai girl

“Give Me Just One Day And You’ll
Walk Out With Your First Media Release Done,
Ready To Get You Massive Media Exposure …
Without Paying A Cent For It!”

Just imagine… waking up tomorrow to see stories about YOU and YOUR business … featured in a big write-up in the newspaper… favourable interviews on radio and television and in magazines… putting you in front of your customers and prospects, getting their attention, building massive amounts of credibility… and turning it into a stampede of buyers… and all this massive media coverage won’t cost you anything!

… and best of all, you don’t have to write the story (it’s better if you don’t!), it works for even the most everyday or even “boring” kind of business, there’s no need to buy expensive (and ineffective!) paid ad space or pay a fortune to a PR agency, you don’t need to have any special contacts, and it’s something you can easy learn for yourself in a single day (you’ll complete the day with your first media release ready to go!) and use immediately for instant coverage … and then keep on using this simple system over and over and over again.

Dear friend and fellow Small Business owner,

Wouldn’t it be some kind of perfect business world where you could attract more and more customers (and the best types of customers – more on that later) and get bigger and bigger profits from your business?

Workshop attendee feedback!

With four workshops just held in recent months, what are participants saying? Here’s some feedback…

“Hi Kate, I attended your one day seminar in Melbourne, and have since written two press releases and had two responses. Great ratio so far! Thanks for everything.” — Kate Bullock, Vic.

“The seminar was really exciting and interesting, plenty of laughs … really learnt a lot about raising free publicity with fairly minimum effort, it’s really easy to do in your local or national media, and Kate certainly showed us how.” — Kevin Poulter

“I was a little bit hesitant about whether this workshop was for me, but I’ve had a ball today and I’ve learnt so much. Kate makes it look easy, and she makes it look possible even for a small business like mine. The free content she has given has been phenomenal and I can’t wait to get home and implement this, because I know it’s going to make a big difference in my business.” — Deb Linnell

“I was invited to come here today, I’d never heard of Kate before, in fact in bed this morning I thought ‘oh do I have to come?’ I’m so glad I dragged myself out of bed, the information that Kate has given us has been phenomenal; the generosity in her gifts, in her wisdom and knowledge has been great. I can’t wait to get home and start really implementing all the info she’s passed on to us — thanks very much!” — Kerry

“Hi Kate, would just like to say what a fabulous day it was with you & your gorgeous crew! You are inspirational and a magnificent person, your enthusiasm, passion and knowledge is in abudence and I have gained some fantastic insight and tools to enable my business to flourish, a big high five to you xx.” — Elizabeth McMaster

“I’ve had a wonderful day here with Kate in Melbourne learning some new publicity skills … I’ve been in business nearly 20 years and not had any publicity! I’m now full of new ideas and full of enthusiasm to get stuck into it — I highly recommend coming along to the workshop!” — Mandy Cameron, Sydney

This has been the best money I’ve ever spent on advertising by far — you can’t beat free publicity! If you’re in business … get along to the next workshop!” — Christine Stow

“I’ve had plenty of press releases rejected in the past, and having done Kate’s workshop I can now see where I’ve gone wrong — you don’t know what you don’t know! It’s been fantastic. Kate is extremely professional — get along to one her workshops, it’ll blow you away!” — Darryl Simms, Access Loans, Vic

“I’ve just started my business this year — the workshop has been a fantastic day, the tools I’ve learned today have really given me a direction on where to start for advertising and marketing in a postive light to my potential clients.” — Elizabeth McMaster, Spa Therapist (Divine Spa Studio)

“I’ve had my head in the sand about marketing — Kate’s workshop has opened my world in many ways, so I can now use smarter ideas for my business. I’ve got so many ideas, and didn’t know how to get them out there — now I’ve got a lot more answers from Kate to take away and grow my business.” — Richard Stevens, Bodies in Motion Osteopathy and Massage Therapy

“Hi Kate and the wonderful team! I didn’t get a chance to give you a video testimonial, so I thought I’d let you know this way. I attended your Melbourne Workshop yesterday, and it was absolutely mind-blowing! You are an amazing speaker (and I’ve seen a few), and the opportunities you presented for free PR and what it can do for a business…just amazing! I don’t think Princess describes you well, you are more like a Magical Fairy! Thank you!” — Kathrin Luty

“Hi Kate, I attended your workshop on Saturday and have to say that it was awesome… thank you :) ” — Melinda Mahon

And what if there was a way to do this without spending a fortune on advertising or “hired guns” to get into the media … literally for FREE?

Sound impossible? Well, if you keep on reading, you’ll discover that it’s not only possible, but it’s simple, easy, very effective and you don’t need to be any kind of genius to get almost instant success.

In fact, you’ll put your first media release together and ready to use right in this interactive workshop. This 1-day event will be your interactive brainstorming session with a media expert – not some “sit and be talked at” lecture, but instead a live, interactive workshop – with time for brainstorming ideas and news stories, time to put your first media release together and start getting you a whole stack of media exposure (for free!) straight away.

I can understand if you’re sceptical right now. Because all your life, you’ve probably been led to believe there is some kind of “complex mystery” around free publicity. The big PR agencies just love that, because it keeps them in business (but probably out of your budget, which is why getting into the media might seem pretty “alien” to you and make you so sceptical).

In fact the PR agencies won’t be at all thrilled with me telling you that all of this massive free media exposure is a lot closer to your fingertips than you probably ever dreamed about!

“2 Media Interviews From First Media Release!”

“You wouldn’t belive how quickly it happened! Publicity with Kate is unbelievable!” — Krisztian and Maria

Before I start, I want to get a couple of things ironed out. What I’m talking about is “free media” or “free publicity” – and even just the terminology can be a bit of a mystery! So what does that mean? It means this:

Getting coverage (a write up, an interview or story written by a journalist) in a newspaper or magazine, or on television or radio, for FREE. It’s not paid advertising: it’s being part of the editorial “stories” in the media.

So that’s “free media” – and as I started out saying, if you give me just 6 hours, I can give YOU the skills and easy-to-follow system to tap into this literal gold-mine of media coverage for free.

Unfortunately for most businesses, they live in the imperfect and frustrating business world, where marketing and advertising is EXPENSIVE and INEFFECTIVE. Ads can cost a small fortune (or a large one for that matter!) … so much so that you’re often stuck using the local papers, because the idea of getting coverage in the big publications or on the metro television stations is way beyond your advertising budget.

After all, a half page ad in just one edition of the Herald Sun in Melbourne can cost as much as $35,993.96.

No kidding!

The cost of a half-page ad in the Herald Sun

That’s for a half-page ad on page 15 on a weekday. Or how about a full page (page 6) for $78,909.83? They’re kidding right?


That’s right off the Herald Sun rate card – for an ad that will appear just once and is then gone forever.

Worse, paid advertising for most businesses is not only so expensive that the big media is often not even a consideration, but readers, viewers and listeners ignore the ads! Did you know that ads in the paper are up to 22 TIMES LESS effective than stories? After all, they’re called NEWSpapers aren’t they, not ADSpapers?

Let me give you a great example.

In one “split test” in a newspaper, the same “ad” was formatted differently in half the printed copies (US-based test where having more than one version is possible). One looked like an AD. The other looked like a STORY.

Guess which one got more attention?

I know you already know the answer … the STORY got more attention. And more SALES.

In fact … the “story” format got 81% more sales.

So if you can get REAL STORIES in the paper instead of paying for the ad space … it’s even better!

Paid ads are definitely a distraction – today’s ad is often in the recycling tomorrow. Even on TV, those expensive ads are most often fast-forwarded or skipped … money down the drain! There’s an avalanche of ads everywhere you look … and you just become part of the noise and clutter. You don’t get remembered – or if you do, it costs a fortune.

And quite frankly, most paid ads really get little or no response because there’s no good reason to respond – but that’s a whole other story.

Nowadays, to overcome the disadvantages of paid ads, big companies try to make their paid ads look like they’re not paid for! They’re so keen to appear to be getting free media (more PROOF of how valuable free media really is) — just look at the explosion of “pretend” editorial-style free media exposure through advertising services like Zoot, Brand Power, What’s New, Adverlife, In The Know, MediFacts — companies using the appearance of the “free coverage” editorial style reporting format (and paying a small fortune to do so)… desperately trying to not look like a normal paid ad! — that’s how ineffective the traditional paid ads are!

Tragically, most businesses are resigned to being stuck using paid ads in their marketing instead of free coverage, because they think that free media is too hard to get!

Well, I’m here to share the good news answer: It’s NOT True!

What if you could get that full page story in your local paper, or even a write up in national papers? What if you could get free airtime on prime-time TV?

What if you picked up a magazine and it was YOU on the front cover? Or you “on air” on radio?

What if you got that half page of coverage in the Herald Sun – worth $35,993.96 – without paying for it? Or the front page of a local paper (you can’t even buy that space if you wanted to!)

It’s a LOT more possible (and simpler!) than you realise.

Every newspaper or magazine edition, every TV or radio broadcast starts with a percentage of paid space and free space. Every edition or episode.

And with some publications or shows on DAILY, that’s a LOT of empty free space up for grabs.

In fact, of the free space, which can be 40%, 50% or more of the room available, even accounting for the big political, business or legal news stories of the day, as much as 82% of this free space is YOURS for the taking.

Every single edition or episode.

So if so much of the media is filled with stories,
why doesn’t everybody get free media?

Sadly, most business owners talk themselves out of doing it … not even listening to expert opinions!

But it’s SO EASY! When you check out the testimonials here on this website, you’ll discover how true that really is.

How do I know this? Because as a free media/publicity veteran of 23 years, working in that time with some household names, I’ve been “in the trenches” and know EXACTLY what works and what doesn’t work to get success.

“I doubt the PR companies will be very happy with you for sharing these secrets!”

“Hey Kate, was great to meet you last weekend. Just thought I’d post a quick message to mention I used to be editorial director for Australia’s #1 sport publication house, Blitz Publications, working with over 13 different magazines (Womens Fitness and Health Magazine, Australian Ironman magazine, Natural Health Magazine, Blitz Martial Arts Magazine, Golf Magazine etc).

I have to say to receive a Press Release like the one you taught to the group would be an absolute dream come true from an editor’s perspective. You certainly know your stuff including fantastic PR Secrets to get THOUSANDS of dollars worth of FREE publicity, as well as priceless credibility through industry specific publications. Thanks for sharing your insider information. I’m sure there are many hundreds of budding entrepreneurs who really benefit from your expertise, myself included (though I doubt the PR companies will be very happy with you for sharing these secrets!). Even though I have years of industry experience there were a few angles and step-by-step strategies you covered that I hadn’t considered. Thank you for being AWESOME.

Regards, Jeremy “The SuperCoach” Ta’kody

“I’m not newsworthy” they say. “Baloney!” I say! There are DOZENS upon dozens of newsworthy angles in EVERY business. Here’s PROOF: did you see Krisztian in the video above? His media releases were for a SHED business. Selling SHEDS isn’t the most exciting business, but Krisztian and his wife sent out 6 media releases at the end of my workshop, and the VERY NEXT MORNING had already lined up 2 media interviews (and was organising a 3rd!)!

It sounds hard” they say. “Not so!” I say.

It’s easy when you know how. All you have to send out is a SIMPLE, ONE PAGE media release. And you’ve got two other simple documents on hand so you’re fully prepared when the media contact you… which can literally put words in the journalist’s mouth and get them to ask you the EXACT questions you want to be asked!

I can’t write the story” they say. “Great!” I say – because you don’t have to! The journalist writes the story. You don’t have to do any of that … and frankly if you’re trying to do that, you’re doing it wrong! I’ll reveal exactly what you need to do, which easily fits onto a single page.

I don’t know who to contact” they say. “No worries!” I say. You don’t need some secret rolodex or little black book of media contacts. Finding out who to contact is EASY, and I’ll show you exactly where to look up this info.

You probably need a big agency to do it for you” they say. “Not at all!” I say. You can do this YOURSELF. Don’t pay some big retainer to a PR agency to do something this easy.

It probably costs a lot” they say. “Hardly!” I say. Whether you pay for one call to book an ad, or one fax to send out a media release, it’s tiny and without the advertising bill afterwards! Literally it’s just the cost of an email or fax to reach the relevant media.

Lil’ old me? Who wants to feature me?” they ask. “Lots of media!” I say. Once you know how to find newsworthy stories (easy with my simple process) … you can get the attention of the media YOU choose.

Things are good as they are” they say. So you like throwing your money into paid advertising, leaving all that free media exposure to your competitors? I bet you don’t! Normally that’s only an answer because business owners don’t realise how EASY it really is to get the free media coverage that attracts more clients and makes you more money for free!

I haven’t got the time” they say. “You won’t need much time!” I reply. If you could keep hundreds or thousands of dollars in your pocket instead of buying ineffective paid advertising, and then only need around half an hour for getting massive free media exposure, you’d do it, wouldn’t you? You’d schedule in half an hour (even over lunch!) to put your media release together.

Chantelle — $30,000 In Sales!

$30,000 in sales from 30 minutes preparation!

Chantelle says “Kate Engler of The Publicity Princess is my sassy “go to girl” on anything media related and packs a real punch when it comes to results.

Kate is a genius at getting the attention of finicky journalists and getting stories in publications and on TV worth thousands of dollars to both myself and my clients. She a talented and entertaining presenter who’s words are worth gold!”

– Chantelle Mader, Business Advisor and Profit Strategist

So … if that took you just half an hour preparation to get back $30,000 in sales – that’s like paying yourself $60,000 an hour!

Now would you make time…? I thought so!

And here’s even more proof of that kind of success:

Margaret gets 130 leads in 3 days!

And then it was her husband’s turn

“One conversation with Kate … and the results were unbelievable! Within a week, I’m on national television! All sorts of things have happened for me … radio, national TV, being consulted on articles!”

“Got my team working on free publicity … and it’s made a HUGE difference, we had no idea how simple it was. Kate took the pain away!”

“I didn’t have the time for publicity … I gave Kate’s system to one of my staff — the results and money we saved pays for more than the staff member’s wage!”

And when that SUCCESS works for YOU, it gives you some major and almost unfair advantages over your competitors.

You’ll Get More Attention

As I mentioned earlier, being featured in free media is up to 22 TIMES more effective than paid ads. With a story, you become the news. You stand out and get attention. You feature in the media when and where readers, viewers and listeners pay attention. They’ve skipped the ads, and now they’re engrossed in YOUR story.

You Get Authority/Credibility

Having someone else (the journalist/media) say something about you lends a lot of credibility to your story. You’ve heard the old saying that “if it’s in the media, it must be true!” – people may sometimes say that cynically or tongue-in-cheek – but for good news stories, it’s 100% true. You get lots of credibility. You stand out from your competition. Customers seek you out. That “positioning” is very powerful and persuasive in business. You’re not screaming for attention. You’re getting the upper hand – so you’re not beholden to anyone. You don’t have to discount or be as price sensitive (so you attract the best types of customers). You make more money!

You’ll Be The Celebrity

Even if you don’t seek the limelight, getting massive amounts of free media exposure helps your “celebrity” status in your business. That’s good news, because people love to associate with celebrities. They talk about you… “that’s my personal __ insert your profession here __ you saw on TV!” they proudly boast to their friends. Again, this is powerful “positioning” for your business and helps you dominate your market. You’re the centre of attention, not your competitor. They’ll be groaning about seeing you in the media yet again … and wonder how you manage to do it (all the while being jealous that it’s not them!).

You’ll Be The Expert

Again, this gives you a big competitive advantage in business. You’re not just trading on price. You can be more profitable. You can be more choosy about your clients. You can do LESS work for MORE profit. Or you can grow more quickly and you get even more free media coverage. The media then comes knocking and calling more often, knowing you’ll give them great material to publish. Your opinion is valued. Your story is more believable. Talk about an unfair advantage!

So now you know just how much media is up for grabs, and just how EASY it is … remember …

  • Every business is newsworthy!
  • You don’t have to write the story!
  • You don’t need a secret little black book of contacts!
  • You wont’ need much time!
  • It’s only the cost of a fax or email!
  • It’ll get you more attention
  • You’ll be more believable, have more credibility
  • You’ll be a Celebrity and an Expert…

… you’re wondering when and where you can put this to work for YOUR business?


This is the done-in-a-day event where, in just 4 interactive sessions across a single day, you’ll be armed with the skills to get massive free media exposure to get more attention, get more business and make more profits!

Best of all, you’ll walk out of the workshop
with your first media release DONE!

Having been a media veteran for 23 years, getting publicity for hundreds of clients – and running successful, private closed-door workshops around the country … I’m finally flinging open my doors to let YOU discover and take home this easy, simple system for getting massive amounts of free publicity for YOUR BUSINESS.

Kate Engler, The Publicity Princess

Kate Engler
“The Publicity Princess”

Kate is a highly skilled publicity expert with an impressive background over 23 years working with some of Australia’s leading corporate and not-for-profit organisations. Kate unlocks the ‘secrets’ of publicity for business owners to generate thousands of dollars of exposure, clients and sales without ever needing to use advertising!

She has an enviable reputation amongst both clients and journalists in the media, and now as an accomplished speaker and presenter, Kate reveals the insider workings of the publicity world. You will find her inspirational, funny, down to earth — and most of all — on your side!

What others say about Kate Engler…

“Newspaper, Radio and TV coverage!”

“I got two articles in the Brisbane Courier Mail, a radio interview, and a full 5-minute piece on A Current Affair! This lady knows her stuff!! If you want to get your name out there for FREE — Kate’s your girl!”

– Glenn Twiddle, Real Estate Sales Trainer, QLD

Here’s what you’ll discover…

  • The simple, three step formula for getting maximum success from free media.
  • Exactly what to include in your one-page media release. Be prepared to brainstorm at the workshop and write your first media release as we go along! Go home ready to distribute (and know exactly where to start!)
  • What part of the medial release is most important, and the two-word phrase which will maximise your chance for success
  • The one true role of the media release – and it’s not to write the story! Get this wrong and your media release is destined for the rubbish bin
  • Brainstorm and get live feedback on dozens of newsworthy angles that you can instantly use for skyrocketing your free media exposure and success
  • What you’re really selling to the media – and it’s NOT your product or service!
  • The common rookie mistakes (from 23 years of experience) that you can avoid to fast-track your success. Trying to do this yourself can be full of pitfalls, and you’ll know exactly what to do, and what NOT to do!

And Here’s Four More Great Reasons To Attend
  • Know EXACTLY what to say when the media contacts you … don’t just send out media releases, be ready for the response!
  • You can literally send out your first media release tonight (just like Krisztian did — and got 2 media interviews! See the first video on this page for his story) – the entire workshop is done in a day. No need for days or months or years of study. Start making the most of free media coverage immediately.
  • The EASIEST and BEST media to target for the greatest initial success. Sometimes it seems the media can be a little ruthless and overwhelming when you’re first getting started, and at my workshop you’ll discover exactly where to start to take the “easy path” to success
  • The workshop costs you LESS than just one quarter page ad that appears just once in a local paper! Even the smaller sized ads in weekly suburban papers can cost up to $700 or $800 or more, to appear just once. This full day workshop is just $497 (or even less if you act quickly, see below!) … well under the cost of a SINGLE ad, for a free media system you can use over and over again – getting yourself tens and tens of thousands of dollars of FREE media coverage!
And Two Reasons NOT To Attend

Quite frankly, while nearly all businesses can benefit from getting massive amounts of free media coverage – getting such coverage is not guaranteed. Unless you own the media, you don’t control the journalists. That’s part of the reason why free media is up to 22 TIMES more effective and credible, because it’s earned by being newsworthy, not just paid space you buy.

So while knowing this simple system will give you the MAXIMUM CHANCE of getting coverage, it can’t be guaranteed. No-one can give you that guarantee. For all sorts of reasons, stories sometimes don’t run (even after they’re filmed or interviewed). Some big breaking news story might knock yours off the list. Sometimes an editor says no. So while your chances of success are VERY HIGH with Kate’s proven system, if you’re expecting guaranteed coverage, then I’m telling you now that it’s not a realistic expectation.

Also … being a live interactive workshop with feedback and brainstorming throughout the day … means YOU will be participating and contributing YOUR own ideas to find your newsworthy stories (with valuable input and direction from Kate to bring out the stories you never thought existed or were newsworthy!) But if you expect to sleep through the 6 or so hours of the workshop sessions and have the media release create itself, then I’d advise you to stay away too. You WILL discover it is easy and takes little preparation time … but if you’re expecting to do nothing, you won’t be getting the true value from this event.

However, if you’re still reading … then I know you’re serious about putting free publicity to work for your business … so I’d expect you’re in the “it’s a great event for ME!” category!

So what kind of investment would you be prepared to make to be able to instantly enjoy the rewards and massive coverage you’ll get with your stories?

What’s a lifetime of knowledge and a simple system to free media success that you can use over and over again worth to you?

What if you got 5 minutes on air during breakfast television, worth well over $100,000? Or a half page write-up in your local media (worth $1,000′s … or right up to almost $36,000 in the Herald Sun!) Or a regular expert radio spot?

Best of all, you’re not relying on outside experts. You CAN do this yourself, and it’s EASY!

It’s not like you have to go off to PR school for years, or pay the “FAT fees” that a PR agency would demand. Here’s what BRW business journalist Leo D’Angelo Fisher had to say about that in BRW magazine (23 June to 3 August 2011 Flagship edition):

BRW magazine cover “When choosing a PR firm … there is rarely good reason for small and medium businesses to pay the fat fees that go with high overheads…”

– Leo D’Angelo Fisher, BRW magazine

And worse, he goes on to say:

“”the PR firm will tend to drum up unnecessary activity to justify the retainer.”

So they’re making up things to do just to take away your hard-earned profits!

Remember, this simple system is something you can use yourself — no PR agency required — over and over again.

So unlike an ad that you pay for and it runs just once, you’ll have skills you can put to work for your business week after week, month after month … gaining huge amounts of media coverage for FREE!

The knowledge and simple system is yours to use FOREVER.

Let’s say you get a very conservative value of $2,000 worth of coverage 6 times over the rest of the year. That’s $12,000.

And quite honestly I’m trying to be ultra-conservative here. Just look at Heather Yelland, who was on Channel 7’s breakfast TV program Sunrise last month for an interview. Had she paid for that time on Sunrise, it was worth $121,500. And that’s just one interview! Heather has since had even more substantial media coverage, including a double-page article in Cleo magazine.

So with a little time each week or fortnight, you could EASILY get two, three, five or even TEN TIMES more than the ultra-conservative $12,000 value in media coverage even just in the next six months (let alone next year and for years after that).

That could be as much as $120,000 or more. Even if I’m only half-right, it’s still $60,000.

Even just to hire me for the day to teach you one-on-one, clients have paid $6,000 for that arrangement.

But my workshop won’t cost you anywhere $60,000 … or $12,000, or even $6,000.

You won’t need to spend a fortune to get a fortune in free media coverage!

Tickets to my done-in-a-day Free Media Fortune Workshop are valued at $497 per person. And when you think even a quarter page ad in a suburban paper costs around $800 to $1000, or even just an hour of my time is worth $800 … let alone the tens of thousands in free coverage you’ll get … then $497 really represents incredible value.

You’d no doubt agree this is a drop in the ocean in terms of advertising … and is much more effective in getting attention than any ad!

But it gets even better.

Right now, because we’ve never met and all you can rely on is the endorsement of my colleagues, and take me at my word about my 23 years of experience and all the massive success other members and participants have achieved… I don’t want to even ask you for the full $497 ticket value that you’ll get from the day.

In fact, I don’t want the workshop ticket price to get in the way of you really diving in and making free publicity a part of your business marketing strategy.

Up until now, with incentives I’ve offered, guests have paid as much as $397 to attend my workshop. But with so much free PR up for grabs every single day, the cost of attending shouldn’t get in the way of YOU also getting to reap the rewards of free publicity.

So, I’m making the deal an absolute “no-brainer” easy decision for you, so there’s absolutely no excuse for you not to be at this full-day interactive event!

If you’re quick … when you purchase a ticket to my Free Media Fortune Workshop, you’ll invest JUST $97 instead of the regular $497 ticket price!

YES, you SAVE $400 and invest just $97!

That’s even LESS that you’ll pay than just buying one single teeny tiny advertisement even in a weekly suburban newspaper (many of them don’t even sell ads that cost that little!).

And of course free PR is a skill you’ll have forever … and once you have a taste for it, you’ll love getting the kind of results you’ve read about above.


PLUS, you can bring a friend, partner or colleague for FREE!

That’s right … 2 for 1!

That’s a ridiculously low $48.50 each if you split the ticket cost between you!

But admittedly I don’t have a room booked for the workshop as big as the MCG, so there is only limited seats to book, so I’d encourage you to book now before we are forced to put up the “SOLD OUT!” sign.

We work together interactively during the day — this is not some event where you are “talked at” — you work on your own media release, we go through each section of the simple 1-page formula step-by-step, and you get my expert input during the brainstorming and “your turn” sessions.

So while it’s a “crazy-low” ticket price, I must keep seats limited to ensure those who attend really maximise the value they get from the day.

You can’t even get one single little display ad for that investment or you’d be lucky (unlucky??) to buy some small fraction of time with a PR agency junior staffer … but instead this is a skill that’s yours to take advantage of FOREVER!

Once you know how easy it is to get free publicity, you’ll be putting it to all sorts of great use.

Several of my students have taken their skills to causes and issues they’re really concerned about and helped raise valuable funds and build awareness and networks — well beyond using publicity just in their business.

So for your full, done-in-a-day Free Media Fortune Workshop, you only need invest a fraction of what you’d pay for just one single small ad!

Workshop Earlybird Bonus

Register NOW for an Earlybird Extra BONUS!

To reward smart business owners who decide quickly that just one day with Kate is super valuable, there’s an extra bonus if you book 7 days or more before the event.

You’ll also get access to download the FULL audio recordings for free — and they’re valued at $197. You’ll be able to replay each session of the day at your convenience, picking up extra tips and insights (and take notes in the two valuable workbooks you’ll get at the event).

So now’s the time to decide … here’s your link to secure your seats …


What’s more, on top of all that … you can rest assured you’re completely covered by my…

NO RISK, 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee!

Take in every second of the information-packed morning sessions. Take notes, learn the lessons and make your own BIG breakthroughs, and even network with other attendees.

If in the very unlikely event that by the middle of the event (lunchtime) you don’t feel you have already gotten at least 10 times the value of your entire investment in know-how, tips, easy and simple formulas, and brainstorming … simply return your seminar materials to my staff, and we’ll politely refund every cent of your investment.

So you risk nothing. Not a single cent. 100% of the risk is on my shoulders.

Why would I be willing to make such an iron-clad money-back guarantee? Because I know from experience that my presentations and workshops get a flood of raving reviews and feedback … and I have a solid record of publicity success over 23 years. This workshop will be no different in terms of results delivered to those who attend.

So I’m very confident you’ll find my Free Media Fortune Workshop everything I say it is… and much more!

Free Media Fortune Workshop Dates and Locations

Thursday 18th April 2013: Sunshine Coast QLD
Venue TBA
Saturday 20th April 2013: Gold Coast QLD
Venue TBA
Tuesday 28th May 2013: Ballarat VIC
Venue TBA
Thursday 30th May 2013: Bendigo VIC
Venue TBA
Tuesday 18th June 2013: Geelong VIC
Venue TBA
Thursday 20th June 2013: Albury NSW
Venue TBA
Saturday 20th July 2013: Perth WA
Venue TBA
Thursday 15th August 2013: Townsville QLD
Venue TBA
Saturday 17th August 2013: Brisbane QLD
Venue TBA
Saturday 12th October 2013: Melbourne VIC
Venue TBA
Thursday 24th October 2013: Wollongong NSW
Venue TBA
Saturday 26th October 2013: Sydney NSW
Venue TBA
Saturday 16th November 2013: Adelaide SA
Venue TBA

(Registration for each event is at 8:30am, starting at 9:00am until approximately 5:30pm — we’ll send you full details when you register).

Successfully completed workshops in the past year include … Adelaide, Albury, Ballarat, Bendigo, Brisbane, Canberra, Geelong and the Bellarine (twice), Gold Coast, Ipswich, Newcastle, Melbourne (twice), Perth/Fremantle, Sunshine Coast and Sydney (twice).

Somewhere other than the locations listed? This link is for you!


So you really have just TWO choices.

First, you can decide NOW to take ACTION and really put free media to work for your business.

To be honest, savvy business owners will snap these seats up VERY quickly…

Starting from as soon as you arrive home, you can have your first media release distributed. You’ll be planning a full “media calendar” in no time to get consistent, valuable and free media coverage that gets you more clients (who’ll be more interested your expert status than in price discounts), and more sales.

Or … you can go along as you are, leaving all that free media space to others – perhaps even your competitors. Paying for distracting, ineffective and very expensive ads. Missing out on the massive value of free media. Waking up and groaning as you see another story on them. Struggling along while there’s a simple system within your grasp, but ignored. Leaving someone else to be the expert, the celebrity, someone else to be able to charge more of a premium price and make bigger profits. Ouch.

Make no mistake… free media coverage can really give you an unfair advantage … expert status, credibility, celebrity status, believability. It all starts with educating yourself with the RIGHT information in my “done in a day” event.

So lucky for you… you have

A super simple formula for free media exposure

Let’s recap…

  • You’ll brainstorm your own media angles at the workshop (live, interactive environment). I’ll reveal the key ways for you to get free publicity, and all the stories right under your nose
  • Not only will you know exactly what to include in your simple one-page media release, you’ll build each simple section of your own media release in the workshop!
  • Forget needing an expensive PR agency, you can get great results yourself with your own media release as you’ll see from the client success stories I share (and as you’ve seen above)
  • You’ll discover that your media release takes little time (and the journalist does most of the work!). You don’t have to write the story.
  • You’ll also know what NOT to do with your media release and what to leave out!
  • You’ll know the major differences between traditional “offline” publicity and online publicity — not only what you include that’s different, but how to use it to your advantage.
  • Your two complete workbooks have lots of room for your notes and will take you through each step and include valuable before-and-after examples (including the exact changes) — so it’s easy to follow for success at any time.
  • You’ll have me ready to give you live feedback (this is why the audio recording is so important — my ideas flow thick and fast! Participants start the day a little reluctant to put up their hand, but once they witness this, their hands shoot up and they can’t wait for me to share my expert input!
  • Best of all, you’ll invest a measly $48.50 per person (2-for-1 $97 ticket) for the full day with me. Even the smallest display ad you can only book once in a suburban newspaper costs more than that! Instead I’ll arm you with the media-savvy skills to get huge media coverage for your business or cause in newspapers, on radio and television … more effective, more persuasive, without paying for the space!

All you need to do NOW is simply attend my 1-day “Free Media Fortune Workshop” and discover the exact, simple system to put free media to work for your business getting you more clients and more profits and transforming your business for life!


I look forward to seeing you there.

All the best,


Kate Engler
The Publicity Princess

P.S. Seating at Free Media Fortune Workshop will be LIMITED to ensure you get to brainstorm and get great feedback personally from me right throughout the day, so you really have to act quickly to secure yours before we are forced to put up the “SOLD OUT!” sign… especially given the crazy-low ticket price that SAVES YOU $400 off the $497 ticket value and gives you two tickets for just $97, letting you bring a partner, friend or colleague for FREE! Act NOW!

P.P.S. Remember, there’s no risk to you at all… you’re completely covered by my 100% money back guarantee: If in the very unlikely event, at the end of the morning sessions you don’t feel you have already gotten at least 10 times the value of your Free Media Fortune Workshop investment in know-how, tips, easy and simple formulas, and brainstorming… simply return your seminar materials to my staff and we’ll politely refund every cent of your investment.

P.P.P.S Remember, in just one short presentation, with around 30 minutes of participation, Chantelle Mader got a large write-up in the newspaper which resulted in $30,000 in new sales revenue … and this full day workshop goes into much more depth to give you even greater skills to reap the rewards of success.

Being such a powerful, simple system you can use over and over again to get massive attention, expert and celebrity status (bringing a flood of customers and sales) … it really should be a “no-brainer” decision for you… so book NOW before you miss out.


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